12346924_s“It seems to me that a man must be a
believer or seek some belief, otherwise
his life is empty, empty….To live and
not know why the cranes fly, why
children are born, why there are stars
in the sky….Either he knows what he
is living for, or it’s all nonsense, waste.”

From Chekhov’s Three Sisters

This website is devoted to providing a reasoned account of the grounds for believing in the Christian faith.  This endeavor is what Donald K. McKim, author of the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, defines as “apologetics.”

The late, British Christian apologist, C.S. Lewis never claimed to be a professional theologian but, on the subject of theology, he once said that if you can’t translate your thought into uneducated language, then your thoughts were confused. The purpose of this web site is to explain theology in the “vernacular”, as Lewis would say.

To that end, I have written three books in a series on apologetics. The content of each book is based on actual conversations among retired “Winter Texans” who annually visit South Padre Island and meet under a cabana adjacent to the beach each week for one hour of discussion on theology and apologetics.  The first two books compare Christianity with one of three world religions, secular humanism, Islam and Judaism.  The last book in the series compares Christianity with Mormonism and is also an intramural debate among various representatives of different Christian denominations.

As it was for Plato’s Socrates, the argument is all and I hope that you find these books entertaining as well as educational.  Although based on transcriptions from actual discussions, the books are fiction and any similarity between the characters in the book and any person, living or dead, is not intended and purely coincidental.

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