It’s been quite awhile between books authored by John Bartholomew.  I first wrote a book on financial planning called The Proven Guide to Inflation Survival and Future Prosperity which was published in 1980. This guide was the first book in what was to be a series of books on financial planning. Only two were published, this one and another one written by a CPA, Lyman Mark, called Tax Shelters, How to Choose Them, How to Use Them. Unfortunately, the timing was not good for a book on inflation and tax shelters.  1980 represented the beginning of more than several decades of low inflation and lower taxes under the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Now I am back again with another series of books, but this time my timing may be better because all three books address two disciplines that have timeless relevance, religion and philosophy.  In addition to politics and economics, these are my two favorite subjects to discuss with others.

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin  in 1964. After spending the summer abroad, I returned to Colorado Springs to get hitched and then moved to Chicago to attend medical school at Stritch School of Medicine.  After a semester, I realized the practice of medicine was not in my future, and I left school to embark on a career in health insurance underwriting.

The job proved to be too confining, and I switched careers to education by taking a job with McGraw-Hill Book Company as one of their sales representatives.  Six years later, I decided to go into business for myself and moved back to my old home town of Colorado Springs to begin a career in business consulting which specialized in the management of physician and dental practices.  A career in real estate evolved from that and finally, in 1997, with the last kid out of the house and our dog MJ gone, my wife and I retired and built a house in Montrose, Colorado.

We now live in the Vail Valley to be closer to our youngest daughter and her family, who have been such a blessing to me at this stage of my life.